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Bianca Censori is a well-known Australian architect designer with a very active social media presence. She holds the position of the head of the architecture department in Kanye’s company. Bianca has worked as an architect in several companies and reached a great height in her career. 

By becoming the head designer of YEEZY a renowned brand collaboration between Kenya West and Adidas YEEZY  also the name of Kanye West’s Company YEEZY LLC Bianca gained recognition. However, that is not what raised Bianca Censori to the fame that she currently has in 2023. 

Even though she has earned a great livelihood being an architect her path to fame started after a certain incident. Recently in 2023 Bianca Censori and Kanye West, a rapper, actor, fashion designer, and politician originating from America, got into a relationship. 

Kanye being a controversial personality for multiple reasons was seen with Bianca Censori and recently she has been referred to as Kanye West’s Wife. Bianca Censori has been in attention even since the news and photos of her being with Kanye came out as her partner Kanye has millions of followers in multiple countries.  

Bianca Censori Biography

5 January 1995 born and raised in Melbourne Australia Bianca Censori is 28 years old as of 2023. She is of mixed ethnicity and was raised by caring parents in a Christian household. Bianca Censori follows Christianity and has a Capricorn zodiac star sign. Her star sign signifies her personality to be gentle, easygoing and sensitive. 

From her childhood, she had an artistic side and was interested in designing and artistry. She participated in multiple creative endeavors as a child and was drawn to being a sculptor. Bianca spent a lot of time with her aunt where she was introduced to a lot of art, films and architecture. Her aunt fueled her interest in art and gave her a taste in design and aesthetics. 

To complete her high school education Censori attended Carey Baptist School from 2000 to 2012. After completing her high school education, she went on to become an entrepreneur. She was passionate enough to do something creative and use the right designer’s mind for her success. 

Starting a jewelry company Nylons, Bianca Censori made her career in the designer’s business. While building her own brand she also enrolled in a university to get a degree in Master’s in Architecture. She went on to do her college studies at the University of Melbourne. Grasping the education needed to become an architect she garnered success in the field by working from a very young age. 

Parents, Siblings & Family

Bianca Censori’s family consists of her two sisters and parents. Her family is a completely different story as many refer to her father as a notorious gangster. Leo Censori Bianca’s father is known for his criminal acts and was once jailed for the possession of heroin. 

He also had a family dispute over the property with his sisters, on the other hand, Leo’s brother Eric Censori was known as a Gambling kingpin in the country. Having a troubled family background may have impacted her but she still has come out as a succeeding star. She was raised alongside two sisters Angelina and Alyssia by her mother Alexandra. 


The public’s attention to Censori gained hype when she was seen with Kanye West and was rumored to have married. Kanye, having a troubled marriage with Kim Kardashian, an American media personality, got divorced. 

Kim and Kanye had millions of followers worldwide therefore when their divorce news came out fans were involved as they kept track of their favorite celebs. So, when the news of Censori being seen with Kanye after just two months of confirmed divorce came out people became interested in knowing about Bianca.  

Currently, as of 2023, Bianca is referred to as the wife of Kanye and Stepmother of Wayne’s kids North, Chicago, Saint and Psalm. 

Physical Appearance

Black coloured hair and beautiful lengthy cat eyes with an admiring face Bianca Censori has an hourglass figure.  She is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a weight of 75 kg. Her being an architect significantly influences the way she dresses herself with trendy looks. 


Starting a company along with college studies Nylon is a jewelry brand that Binance still operates. After establishing a company she did work for other big companies including DP Toscano Architects and Keletikv. However, after 2017 in 2020 she relocated to work for Kanye’s company and became the head architect of his fashion label. 

Net Worth Of Bianca Censori

Amassing a net worth of $2 million Bianca Censori has earned a wealthy lifestyle. From her passion for becoming an Architect, she achieved high goals and worked her way up by establishing a company to work for other big brands. All her jobs and entrepreneurial endeavors have earned her a net worth of millions. 

Facts And Information

  • Bianca Censori does not have a social media handle. Some controversies say she deactivated it after the news of her being with Kanye came out.
  • Her sisters are thrilled after knowing that Bianca is going to get married to Kanye.
  • Rumors have it that both Kanye and Bianca had troubled childhoods thus having a possible understanding that brought them together. 
  • As of 2023 California, Los Angeles is where Censori is living. 
  • Binance met Kanye in the third year of her university when he was invited to judge the whole class’s work. 

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