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Addie Siscel: a Tragic Car Accident


Addie Siscel was a 16 years old school girl who unfortunately lost her life in a car accident few months ago, according to the news the accident occurred on April 30, 2023.

The local authorities says that the accident occurred when Addie`s vehicle collided with 

another car on the route DD. She got some critical injuries and was immediately transported to the hospital, but unfortunately the doctors declared her death next day of the accident.

The pain her family perceived was unimaginable, so the community decided to help her family in every possible way they can by raising funds and providing emotional support to her family.

Who was Addie Siscel:

Addie Siscel was a 16 years old school girl born in 2006, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. However,the exact date of her birth is unknown yet. Addie was a talented student of her school and was known for her wrestling and cheerleading skills.Unfortunately, we lost a gem, Addie was only 16 years old when she left the world in a car accident, if she were alive, she definitely make her parents feel proud of her.

She was a high school student at Francis Howell High School in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, according to the school staff and her fellow classmates, she was a remarkable student who touched the lives of many through her kind nature, warm smile, attractive laugh and sharp sense of humour. The school staff also says that she was an excellent student academically and was highly respected for her teachers.

Addie Siscel`s Personal Life:

Addie Siscel`s full name was Adrianna Faith Siscel, according to the news articles, Addie was born in the year 2006, but her exact birthdate is still unknown. Information about her family states that she was a single parent child of her mother because her father Timothy Siscel passed away when she was only 4 years old. Her mother, Amanda Martin worked really hard to raise a talented daughter like Addie. Further information about her siblings and family members is not known yet.

Addie Siscel was a beautiful Christian girl with brown eyes, golden hairs and fair skin tone. 

Talking about her educational qualification, she was studying in a High School and was undergraduation.

She was 5 feet 4 Inches Christian girl with 53 kilo grams of body weight whose marital status says she was unmarried, more information about her love life and boyfriend or affairs is either kept private or yet to be known.

Addie`s Career, Net Worth and Salary:

Adrianna was a 16 years old school girl and was not involved in any kind of business, job or anything, that clearly states that there was not any kind of source of income for her, reports says that she belonged to a middle-class family and her mother raised her to this age.

Any further information about her family income and her mother`s occupation is not known, there is no information available about her family`s financial health.

About the Accident :

On 30th April, 2023, Addie was driving her vehicle on DD route, where unfortunately her vehicle collided with a car resulted in a deadly accident at the site, Addie got some serious injuries in the accident, the locals immediately took her to the nearby hospital, but unfortunately the doctors declared her dead the following day.The other man in the car who was involved in the accident sustained minor injuries and was treated at the site, but Addie Siscel lost her life in the accident.Addie was a brilliant student, an excellent friend and a responsible daughter of her mother. Her friends, family and society have also been leaving messages and thoughts of love and support on social media.

Community`s Step and Tribute to Addie Siscel:

In the wake of this tragedy, community people have come together to help and support the Siscel family in every possible way they can. A funding campaign was launched to help her family to compensate the medical bills and funeral expanses.

The society also shared their heart feelings and emotions with her family to share their grief.Addie`s school staff released a statement expressing their condolences and emotional support to the family

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