Hubble Birthday: See Events Through The Cosmic Lens On Your Birthday

Occasions like birthdays are precious to all and mean a lot as it’s the start of everyone’s existence the day your parents were the happiest on the planet Earth! Life itself is a blessing occasion like birthdays adds to its joy and what makes it even better is tools like Hubble birthday. Hubble is a telescope, a pinnacle of tech made in 1990 for observing what’s known as cosmos. 

Imagine having the privilege to see the alluring moments that took place outside Earth on your birthday! To see beyond the sky and know the phenomenal moments that took place on your birthday will surely make you grateful and have an amazing birthday. So let’s know how it’s possible and how the Hubble telescope plays a vital role in it all:

Grasping The Use Of Hubble Telescope?

Before moving on to the cosmic events that took place on your birthday let’s first understand Hubble. Developed by NASA a well-known space agency, the Hubble Telescope is a telescope made to observe and capture the beauty of the universe. It orbits around Earth at a fairly high height. 

With its use, humans have been able to capture some of the most bizarre and once in a lifetime events by taking pictures with its advanced lenses. It can capture images of galaxies, nebulae, planets in the solar system and other celestial objects far distant from the Earth. 

Observing what seems to be a collision of stars with some of the other planets unknown to humans in the Milky Way Hubble telescope has served well for multiple decades. So, let’s know what it has seen happening in the cosmos on your birthday. 

Unique Way To Space Exploration

The collection of data collected from the Hubble Telescope over the years has been provided by NASA. Anyone willing to have a unique space exploration to get a sense of emotional connection with the universe can check what happened on their birthday. 

NASA along with the European Space Agency (ESA) has introduced a Hubble birthday feature for people to know what wonders the universe had beheld on their birthday. It’s one amazing start for anyone to know how truly mysterious and wonderful the cosmos can be. So let’s delve into NASA’s feature Hubble birthday and know, What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday?

How To Check, What Did Hubble See On Your Birthday?

To see the details of the event with original pictures captured by Hubble Telescope NASA with the European Space Agency has provided a tool. With this tool, you can explore the universe through the cosmic lens on your birthday. It’s not a daunting task to know what occurred at the universal level on your birthday. You don’t need to be some astronautical engineer just hop onto your device with the internet and follow the below steps:

  • Visit NASA’s official website
  • On the top search bar enter What did Hubble see on your birthday?
  • Click the first result
  • You will be presented with a screen saying select your birth date
  • Enter your birthday by selecting the month and date
  • Click on Submit

Following these steps will introduce the one authentic source of universal events with complete details and pictures that happen on occasion precious to you. 

Significance Of Hubble Birthday

Hubble, named after astronomer Edwin Hubble in his honour, was deployed in 1990 making humans’ knowledge of the universe expand. It has been able to work for over three decades due to major astronaut missions to add modern technology to the observatory. 

With its data available to access to all humans based on birthdays, everyone can have something to learn about the universe. 

  • Build A Cosmic Connection

See the events captured on your birthdays showing events that might have taken place billions of even more years ago. Basically, you will be time-traveling in the past as the time in space works differently. The farther the event is captured the more likely it occurred years ago as light reaches us after some time similar to the time sun rays take to reach Earth. 

  • See The Scale Of Your Existence

Watching pictures and events that occurred on your birthday is a wonderful and very introspective experience. It will make you wonder how big the universe is and actually discord the scale of your existence. 

You might find yourself feeling tinier than an ant once you see the scale of the universe and it is an amazing way to spark a philosophical conversation with yourself.


Hubble Birthday features bring in an amazing way to connect with the cosmos on your birthday by allowing you to see images captured on your birthday. Moreover, It will completely take you away from your daily life and make your birthday all of a sudden more meaningful. 

How? When you will get to know the chances of human existence in the whole of the universe you will automatically treasure the life you have got.  So, explore What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday? To make your day wonderful. 

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