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Maria Gjieli’s Net Worth, Husband, Family Background, Photos And Many More.

Maria Gjieli is one of the most popular and talented instagram shining stars. She is admired by her fans for her shoots and posts. She is brilliant as well as has an impressive figure and beautiful features at the same time. She is just a perfect example of ‘beauty with brains’. Because of her content, she has become popular and also a model worldwide.

Let’s discuss in detail about the public figure Maria including her Bio, Early life, Education, Net Worth etc. 

Who is Maria Gjieli?

Maria Gjieli is a famous and beautiful instagram star. She was born on 10 August in 1997 in Florida, United States. She is at present 26 years old. She was born and brought up in the United States only. Talking about her physical features, Maria is 5ft and 7 inches tall and weighs about 63 kg. She has beautiful brown eyes and also long brown hair. 

She has earned the Kelvin 7 Talent Agency because of her talent and hardwork. Now, she has become a famous personality for her modeling photos, meal pictures and also for lingerie related articles. She has more than 1.8 million followers on instagram.

Maria’s Early Life, Education and Hobbies

Maria completed her secondary education at the Woodward Academy. She later went to Georgia State University to get a business degree. Maria’s parents are from Albania and she also has two elder sisters but her family has hardly been exposed to social media. Maria was muslim by birth but she led her life in a secular way. She belongs to the millennial generation and her zodiac sign is similar to her own personality that is an ox. She is passionate, dedicated and also known for her theatricality. She is fiery and energetic and also loves to take center stage and celebrate this royal position.

Hobbies- She has loved camping with her family and friends since her childhood. Her favorite hobbies are bicycle rides, long walks and soccer games. She was also talented in art and craft and contributed much of her time in painting and drawing. She said that early schooling gave  her these skills which helped her succeed in all these fields. She also has a unique perspective regarding fashion and style which makes her a role model for everyone as she believes fashion and styling is a lot more than just getting dressed up nicely and having an attractive appearance. She also loves to do charity and is a representative of the charity “ Love Always” which work to prevent the child marriage in  South Asia.

Maria’s Net Worth and Modelling Career

Maria has an estimated net worth of $520 million. She also bought a luxury Mercedes car in 2020. She is an instagram star, works as a model and also a famous social media personality. All these factors contribute to her main source of income. She also makes money from various sponsorships, brand endorsements and advertisements. 

She began her modeling career at the age of 16 only. She used to participate in modeling campaigns and other events during her undergraduate years. She was first accepted as a model professionally by Wilhelmina Agency in a mall in Los Angeles, California. She has done commercials for many famous brands like Nike, Samsung, Pepsi etc. She has also appeared in commercials for brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior. 

She made her first appearance on social media when she started posting content on instagram in 2013. She started posting her modeling images too on social media in October 2016. She used to post funny photos and videos related to her daily life or her pictures of travel, food etc with her friends and alone etc. She also introduced her clothesline in 2014 under the name of Gjieli Collections.

Maria’s Political Views

Maria is a well known political analyst in Albania. However, she has attacked the policies of the Albanian government. She gave many offensive statements regarding the policies of the Albanian government in her interview with The Guardian. She said in one of her statements that “ it prevents people from speaking their minds.” She also described the administration as “oligarchic” and “undemocratic”.

Summing Up

Maria has become a famous personality and above all the famous person on social media for everyone as she has built genuine connections with the people. She shares content that resonates with a wide variety of audiences. People truly appreciate her authenticity and true personality and also her honesty and relatability towards her work and also towards them. They believe that she is a role model for her lovers and everyone should learn from her life. She has shown to the world that she can do anything with her firm determination. She is a talented fashion designer and will surely advance the fashion industry and business with her unique skills in future. 

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