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Rose Bundy- Daughter of Serial Killer Ted Bundy

While lots of women in Bundy’s life have given interviews about him sharing about him being a famous serial killer. He has already been the subject of several true-crime series and movies recently, including, Falling for a Killer. This has made many women give several interviews about him who shared a romantic relationship with him, like his ex- girlfriend Liz Kendall or had survived one of his vicious attacks like Karen Sparks. But the only important woman in his life  who has never appeared on screen in any of these series and docs is Ted Bundy’s real-life daughter, Rose Bundy, who is also known as  “Rosa.”

While some old family photos of Rose, Bundy, and her mother Carole Ann Boone, are shown in Falling for a Killer, Rose’s face however was blurred in those photos.

Who Exactly is Rose Bundy?

About her life

Rose Bundy was born on October 24, in 1982.  It is said that Boone got pregnant while visiting Bundy while he was on his death row but people are still not sure about how this happened. Bundy wasn’t allowed any conjugal visits, so when Boone got pregnant, rumors began to spread about how that happened and if Rose Bundy actually belonged to Ted Bundy or not? 

While several rumors and stories were in the news about her birth, her mother Boone claimed that it was nobody’s business how she was born in a news article. She later depicted that they both don’t have to do any such desperate measures to make this happen. She also claimed that it was common for inmates to bribe the prison guards so couples could have sex in various parts of the prison and so they both did. 

So, it was evident that Boone gave birth to Rose while Bundy was still in jail. However Rose was not Boone’s first child, she also had a teenage son named James from her previous marriage. 

Some tits and bits known about her

Not much is known about Rose Bundy’s life, just some tits and bits from here and there. According to Oxygen, Rose has been called “kind and intelligent” by Rule. She also posted a quote  on her website which explains how much she knows about Ted Bundy but very little about her family. One of her lines from that quote depicts “All I know is that Ted’s daughter has grown up to be a fine young woman.”

Where is Rose Bundy now and How Old  is she? 

There are certain sources that claim that Rose Bundy now lives in England. She reportedly moved there in 2002 and is now staying at a home being a  mom of three in a quiet village. These speculations however still remain unconfirmed. 

She is presently 42 years old. She has always lived away from the public domain since birth. There are barely any photos of her in the public domain too. In the documentary series Falling for a Killer, where all of her family’s photos were displayed it was only her face that was blurred for not revealing her identity.

There are speculations that Rose and her mom also changed their names to enable them to lead their lives in private. Rose Bundy’s new name is said to be Abigail Griffin, but this is not yet confirmed.

It is said that she lives an isolated life as mother of three but her daughters and sons are still unknown. She has lived her entire life privately and secretly may be because of her dad’s criminal history.Ann Rule, the author of The Stranger Beside Me, once reported that Rosa is an intelligent and kind woman, this is all that she knew and hardly had any idea about where she lives. She also said that both Rosa and her mom had gone through so much and had a rough life, so they deserved the privacy they looked for. Thus, she had no intention of searching them for any sort of interviews.

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