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Who is Emma Magnolia? Net worth, Bio/Wiki, Family and Career

A professional American actress, model, Onlyfans star and Internet influencer Emma Magnolia is widely known for her alluring TikTok content! With @emmamagnoliax0 as her TikTok handle and @theemmamag Instagram handle,Emma embarked on her professional career in 2021. 

Throughout the short span of her professional journey, Magnolia garnered fame by modeling, cosplays, dancing, lip-syncing, and acting. Initially, she kick started her career doing several unique jobs to support her living. From being a kindergarten instructor Emma went on to become a well-recognized social media personality. 

Currently, in 2023, she is utilizing her social media presence to generate multiple earning streamlines. Doing brand deals and promotions of some of the prominent companies around the globe facilitates her with a lavish lifestyle. Apart from that Emma Magnolia rose to prominence by doing Onlyfans and producing a wide array of trendy content. 

Her successful career can be measured by the amount of following she has on multiple platforms making her a well-liked personality. Further in her career, Emma is thriving towards achieving new feats by working consistently to improve in her well-established career.

Emma Magnolia Biography

Emma Magnolia is a 32-year-old born on April 10, 1992, in a Christian family situated in the United States of America. She herself is a caucasian by ethnicity who got Aries zodiac sign from birth. According to Aries star sign, Emma is a courageous, honest, impulsive and passionate individual.  

Being born and brought up in a typical Christian family in America Emma developed a keen interest in embracing creativity and self-expression from childhood. Although she is a postgraduate from a reputed university in the US, any other information is still kept confidential by her. 

Emma has kept most of her private life unspoken as an adult content creator and a social media influencer! She does not share much info about her childhood and background. There isn’t much info available about her growing-up phase. 

Family & Relationships

Behind the fact that she keeps her relationship status secret! There is no solid claim about Emma dating someone. So, as of now in 2023 her relationship status is either single or kept hidden! 

Other than her relationship her parents are both teachers who raised her. Unfortunately, any info apart from that is currently unknown. Further, Emma does not post anything related to her personal life on social media, except her upcoming works.

Keeping her personal life private Emma’s personality signifies what roles her parents played in her grooming. She is well-raised in a supportive environment and is praised for pursuing her passion and dreams. Emma has been highlighted in Forbes and is very well known for her dedication to assisting those in need and building interpersonal relations. 

Physical Appearance

Emma Magnolia has an eye-catching and elegant physical appearance. Her charismatic blue-grayish eyes are icing on the cake besides her reddish brown hair which complements her persona. 

As a standard height in America, Emma stands at 5 feet 3 inches in height with 58 Kg of weight making her a slender-looking personality. Multiple tattoos over her body further add to her elegance with a discernible tattoo of Scorpio on her left hand. 


Embarking on the path of becoming an influencer and Onlyfans Star, Emma started her career in 2020. In the midst of the pandemic when everybody was affected, Emma had to support her livelihood! This led her to make up her mind to start Onlyfans and set the substructure of her fanbase which she enjoys today.

During that time, she created profiles on major social media platforms like – Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat. Over the past few years, her Instagram account got deleted several times due to the violation of T&C. The very first video that Emma posted on her social handle was titled” Oops haha” in 2021. 

Viewers’ response to that video was a game changer for her as the video gained significant attention from many on TikTok. As of now in 2023, she has over 727k followers on Instagram and 369K followers on TikTok with over 2.8 Million likes. Recently she has made her way to the Adult industry, featuring in a total of seven performer credits according to ‘The International Adult Film Database.  

She is dynamic with her career and has done numerous collaborations with Angela White, Kazumi, Eva Elfie, Lena the Plug, Juliano N. Hodges, and Adelia Acker. Which led to enhancing her public image and bringing specification results such as clothing lines, joint content, and events 

Recently she was featured in a reality show “The Quiet Games’ ‘ It is a game show hosted by Amourant. This game show is simple, five contestants work together as a team to complete a series of gross and uncomfortable challenges to win cash prizes as rewards. The Quiet Games are available to watch on TV.

Emma Magnolia’s Net Worth

Emma has numerous income streams such as social media accounts, brand promotions, and Onlyfans subscriptions. Apart from that the collaborations with other creators and their production houses also add to her net worth total estimates. She is growing at a rapid pace of $2 million per year and has crossed a total net worth of over $5 million 

Facts & Information

  • Emma has found her niche in content creation in this modern era of social media. 
  • Emma has hobbies like Travelling, shopping, and internet surfing.   
  • Emma is a Pet person & adores dogs very much

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