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Namrata Sharma Entrepreneur Biography, Age, Nationality & Net Worth

Namrata Sharma, an Indian entrepreneur, celebrity fashion designer, couturier and artist with a global recognition, who has always been passionate about bringing a revolution in the fashion industry and creating new trends. She is a self made entrepreneur who has risen from “ashes to glory”.


Namrata was born on 25 July,1998 in New Delhi. She is a Leo. She completed her schooling in Delhi and also earned a bachelor’s degree in textile designing from the renowned National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi. She also earned a master’s degree in fashion from the same institute. She has been working in the fashion industry for the past 14 years and has excelled her name and gained much experience in fashion designing and also in textile industry. 

Family Status

Namrata’s mother is Madhu Sharma, who began her career as a professor in Kamla Nehru College, New Delhi. She had a master’s degree in economics and thus began her career as a professor but later she too turned into a business woman. Her father, Late Mintoo Sharma was a businessman and dealt in real estate. Namrata has two siblings- a younger brother named Udit Sharma and an elder sister named Manisha Sharma. Much information about her siblings is not shared yet. 

Beginning of her Career

Namrata began her career as a business woman at a very young age. She began her career in 2009 in textiles with hardly two machines and hand embroidery work. With her first company in 2009, though being a start up, she established herself as a successful female entrepreneur and carved a niche in the worldwide market. After this, she ultimately began to expand  her business internationally.She has distinguished herself as an Indian businesswoman with notable success in the fashion, health, & wellness industries.Also demonstrating her dedication to enhancing people’s wellbeing, Namrata founded HealthYogi.

Prominent Entrepreneur 

Namrata founded her label with Vincitore Lifestyle and also became the co- founder of Vincitore Lifestyle, and the creative director of Vincitore Lifestyle. She became a successful woman entrepreneur due to her hard work, determination and passion towards fashion. 

She has presented India in numerous international exhibitions including Sopriti, an international garment and textile fair and Numaish Lifestyle in Dubai, UAE. Her marvelous collections including Fairy Tales, Wedding syrup and Jhalak have also been showcased in various states of India such as Punjab,Delhi,Kolkata and Indore.  

Due to her innovative ideas and designs she has always been in the spotlight and viral in the media. She also introduced drape silhouettes in Punjab in 2018.

Namrata’s Personal Life

Namrata is renowned for always keeping her life private. She has always remained committed to keeping her private affairs a secret and no documented public affairs or romances have ever been mentioned anywhere. She always kept her focus on her professional and business endeavors.This also adds some value of preserving a certain amount of privacy in the public eye. This decision enabled her to always focus on several successful projects and not be distracted by her personal life. 

Namrata’s Net Worth

Namrata Sharma’s net worth is estimated to be around $2-3 million according to the sources. She has gained success as an entrepreneur in a number of industries including fashion, health, technology and wellness and all this is reflected through her net worth. Her net worth has expanded as a result of her business endeavors, investments and other financial actions. Her financial success is a tribute to both her commercial savvy and her capacity to work in such a way. She developed novel solutions that were appealing to both the clients and the consumers. 

Lesser Known Facts about Namrata

  •  Namrata Sharma ventured into the textile industry and founded her first business named NS Couture in 2009.

  • In 2010, she showcased her first collection at an exhibition organized by a corporate organization followed by  which she got an opportunity to expand her business by taking large  corporate orders of uniforms, allowing her to enter into a new market and increase her customer base.
  • She even  showcased her exclusive collection during Handloom Week,organized by the Ministry of Textiles In 2015. 
  • She  organized an exhibition and participated in an event that was jointly organized by the German Embassy and the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce.
  • Her brand’s sculpted and avant-garde silhouettes are  featured on the lists of the world’s best-dressed individuals.
  • She was selected as the one and only designer for collaborating  with Vogue and IBM for creating the first-ever garment designed using artificial intelligence.
  • Namrata Sharma  took part in the Heyers Fashion Festival held in Paris, which was organized as part of the Paris Fashion Week event.
  • She was even  invited to showcase her designs at the Heyers Fashion Festival in Paris, which was organized by Paris Fashion Week.
  • She once conveyed her affection for the art of bridal couture, mentioning that she takes pleasure in designing outfits for brides and assisting them in curating their trousseau.
  • Namrata Sharma has finally  made it to the list of the top 20 successful female entrepreneurs in the world. 

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