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Stay Safe and Updated 

Nowadays, people have been looking for ways to connect and network with each other, but everything isn’t possible on the same application or the social media platforms we use. Sometimes it causes troubles having conversation and interaction with our friends due to a minor glitch of the platform we’re using. What we always look for is a safe and secure application on which we can blindly trust with our personal data and information. With the daily accidents of data leaks and data theft, its being difficult for users to trust any social media platform or database that works for their convenience. Now,what if the solution for every of your problem and insecurity points only at one direction, including every social media platform that will be the solution for every problem you have, and that’s where all the spotlights sheds on Tymoff that says “Love What You Have, Before the Life Teaches You 

to Love”

Safety Measures and Features

When we talk about safety measures at any application or social media platform, the very first threat we counter is data insecurity and malware installation, these things can be fixed or controlled by the programmers and makers of the application by using strong and safe servers and malware fixing technology along with data study and awareness about user convenience. 

When these things get fixed we move on ahead to the user friendly manual, convenience, unlocked features and many more demands that users ask but are yet to be answered by many platforms and this thing makes Tymoff more reasonable to use and operate, it comes with the strong servers and Two-Step Verification of the user along with zero risks of malware installation.

What makes Tymoff more user friendly?

The major fun of using any social media platform is when you feel completely safe and are accessed to many features that the application or platform you are using provides. Tymoff is said to be one of the most popular and best social media platforms in modern days that works with both android and IOS servers resulting in millions of daily users and logins. A variety of content can be created and shared on Tymoff that helps you to get discovered and share what you feel and what you think with millions of other users. 

“Love What You Have, Before Life Teaches You to Love” Tymoff.

The quote, “Love what you have, before life teaches you to love” suggests the idea that we should appreciate and cherish the people, things and experiences that we currently have in our lives. It says only the challenges and downfalls of life can make us realize what we have and the true importance and value of what we had. When things are on our sides we take them for granted but the true meaning of love is when it is unconditional and in every situation, and time we couldn’t afford to lose that one person or thing that had stayed with us every time we needed. That’s how the application works for the bonds of the people and the connection they share between them.

Perks of Tymoff

  • Build in Photo editor

Tymoff provides a build in photo editor feature that can edit your photos on another level, it comes with many filters to brighten up your skin tone or to edit your background according to you. You can edit videos of your daily activities as well to stay in touch with your friends and family.

  • Get Discovered

This platform is available in many countries that allows you to share your content worldwide with the international audiences. Promote your content and send them to millions of feeds to blow up your social media handle and make new friends and a huge fan following.

  • Content

Every platform is known for the type of content posted on it, here on Tymoff it gets an upper hand because it allows users to post multiple types of content that covers the social structure of society without violating any community or tribe or any personal rights.The platform does not works or influenced by any single community or group of people, it works independently only for the well for users.You can post articles and many much of your life and entertainment to share with the audience world wide.


The modern world and educated users looks for a social media platform that is knowledgeable and entertaining along with 100% security and privacy. The everyday cases of data theft and crimes 

increasing using social media threatens the users everyday, what they actual need is a secure,trustworthy and knowledgeable entertaining platform that fulfill all of their wants in a single click called Tymoff.

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