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Tony Bobuslinski is formally known as an American businessman who has ventured into various other careers. He was a former Navy lieutenant and a wrestler before he became associated with Hunter Biden. Sinohawk Holdings is the company Tony has been CEO of for quite a long time. Currently, Tony is a Democratic party member who rose to the attention of American citizens during the presidential election of 2020. 

He became well known because of a political controversy associated with the Biden family.  Bobulinski has appeared a lot in the news for alleging the Biden family for their wrongdoings. Accepting money from entities outside his country and involvement with Chinese businessmen had also taken him into the limelight. Throughout his career, Bobulinski has accomplished various things and has been closely involved with American Politics.  


Tony Bobulinski is an American citizen he was born and bred in America by his family. He has completed his basic high school graduation from Kempsivle High School. Further for more education he went to Penn State University where he was a wrestler from 1990 to 1995. 


Born in 1972 Tony Bobulinski is 51 years old as of 2023. He was born and brought up in Pennsylvania USA by a family well involved in the US Army. Tony’s Zodiac sign is Aries and his ethnicity is white. He is a follower of Christianity. Brown hair and eyes with a tall height of 5 feet 8 inches Bobulinski weighs around 75kg. 


According to various sources, Tony is an unmarried man and does not have any children. His father’s and mother’s names are not disclosed by Tony. However, his father is said to be a naval officer. He also has a brother who is a Marine flight officer.  Almost everyone in his family has been involved with the USA army. Tony’s grandfather has also served his country as an army intelligence officer.


Known as an entrepreneur for being the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings Tony Bobuslinkie has had quite a diverse career. He was a Navy lieutenant who was positioned as an instructor for the Naval nuclear power training command. After serving as a Navy lieutenant he started his venture into the business world by becoming an institutional investor.

As an institutional investor, he invested across the globe in various conglomerate companies. Further in his career, Tony became involved with Hunter Biden, son of American President Joe Biden. According to Tony, he was introduced to Joe in 2016. Hunter Biden who had been in controversy over his laptop which was said to have potential evidence against him was the one who made Tony the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings according to Tony himself. 

Bobulinski made allegations during an informal interview on 23 July 2020 before the senate panel. He said that Joe Biden was well aware of the business deals of his son Hunter Biden and was also involved in the business as a beneficiary. During the time of the allegation, Hunter was said to have used his father’s name for business dealings with foreign countries. 

The whole allegation was centered around a Chinese energy company CEFC with whom the Biden family had made a deal according to Tony. This all was brought to the spotlight by Tony after his involvement with Ukrainian and Chinese entities was brought to light. He also stated that he made allegations against Biden’s family after he felt betrayed by them. 

These statements of his created serious tension during the presidential election of 2020. He further added to the allegations by claiming that the deal made by the Biden family was political. To make the allegations sound more truthful Bobulinski stated that to maintain the privacy of business dealing of Biden’s they used to have code names to be known by so that no one would know their real identity. 

Joe Biden was said to have the code name Big Guy while his brother Jim Biden has the code name JB. 

Net Worth 

As of 2023, Tony Bobulinski has a net worth of $5 million US Dollars. He has earned his wealth through working in various fields of work. Most of his wealth stems from the business he runs and is the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings. Further, his net worth is based on all the assets he owns and the jobs he has done to earn a living. As an Institutional investor, he knows where to put his wealth and increase it wisely.


Tony’s relationship status is not available as he does not have a social presence on the internet about his personal life. 


  • Tony Bobulinski is an experienced businessman with well over travels in 50 countries for his business-related activities. 
  • According to Tony,  James Gilliar was also involved in making him the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings. 
  • Tony says he knew all about the business dealing of the Biden family with foreign countries from day one.

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