Top 8 Best Shoe Brand in India 

Talking about the best shoe brands in India! What brand name pops up in your mind? Bata, Woodland, yes they are some well-known Indian brands. However, they are not the only ones you should consider while making the best buy. The Indian shoe market has much more to offer to its customers from traditional Juttis, and sandals to well-deserved new-fashioned sneakers. 

Some of the best shoe brand in India are comfortable to wear while enabling the wearer to level up their fashion. Nonetheless, every customer can conveniently find the shoe of their liking in the Indian shoe market. Choosing the best shoe brand in India to buy from would prove to be a convenient task as there are diverse options to buy from. 

Let’s get into it and find out some of the excellent shoe brands that Indians can rock with to boast their fashion.

The finest shoes with great trendy looks can be found conveniently if you go shopping in Red Tape stores. Red Tape undoubtedly is one of the best shoe brand in India. They have been in the market since 1996 and globally provide excellent men’s and women’s footwear. 

It’s a premium brand with a huge customer base in India. Mostly young fashionable customers consider buying from Red Tape because of their trendy and budget-friendly shoe options. 

  • Shoes available for men, women, and kids
  • Variety of options to choose from 
  • Shoes starting from Rs. 1000
  • Over 220 stores available in India

Lakhani Footwears

Looking for a trustworthy brand? Well look nowhere else and go with buying shoes from Lakhani footwear. They definitely provide sturdy shoes that would go on for years and make you feel comfortable while walking. 

We all know about Indian streets and how rough they can be! Considering that Lakhani is the best shoe brand in India it provides you with quality shoes that can withstand such rough streets. Lakhani Footwears is one of the largest footwear manufacturers in India.

  • Extensive variety of leather shoes
  • Pricing ranges from Rs1000 
  • Huge distribution network of over 350 distributors
  • Sports, casual, canvas, and many other varieties are available


Puma is one of the best shoe brand in India which offers an extensive collection of sports shoes. They specifically design their shoes to perform exceptionally well when doing any sort of sports activity.

If you are interested in sports shoes then you should absolutely take a look at the shoes Puma provides. Its brand name speaks for itself in matters of quality and comfortability. Looking aside from sports shoes there are numerous other shoes that Puma offers.

  • Shoes available for a variety of sports 
  • Shoes made considering the needs of customers
  • Over 500 outlets are available 
  • Get great deals on prices 


Nike is a renowned brand that sells various fashion accessories across the world including shoes. Established in 1964 Nike is one of the leading brands on top of its market because of the trendy shoes they sell. 

Customers who are looking for fashionable footwear choices can go with Nike without a slick of a doubt. With top-notch quality, Nike the best shoe brand in India offers an alluring shoe design. 

  • From kids to adults, everyone can buy shoes from Nike
  • Price starting from a Minimum of Rs.1000 
  • Every type of footwear is available 


Living in India? If yes then you might already have tried Relaxo’s footwear. Realxo is the best shoe brand in India if you are looking for affordable shoe options. 

Quality with fashion and budget-friendly prices are provided by Relaxo. They are the largest shoe manufacturer in India and are one of the valued Fortune 500 companies in India.

  • Affordable shoe options
  • Excellent quality with design 
  • Over 350 stores are available to buy from


Metro is considerably the popular shoe brand in India with a lot of loyal customers. Over a period of time, Metro has become a household name for shoes with excellent quality. 

You can conveniently find shoes of your liking as there is a humongous collection to choose from. Metro is the best shoe brand in India with the passion to serve the best product to their customers.


Reebok has a decent market presence in India with a lot of shoe options available for customers to buy from. High quality with trendy looks and comfy design are some of the highlights of this best shoe brand in India. Mostly if you are interested in sports wear then you can go with Reebook. 


LIberty has become one of the significantly growing best shoe brand in India. With a huge team of 4000 people, they serve in 25 countries and are dominantly present in India distributing their top tier shoes through 450 stores.     

Wrap Up

Finding the best shoe brand in India that’s worth your money can sometimes be tricky. Well, worry not by knowing the type of shoes you want to purchase you can easily figure out just the brand you require to buy from.

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