Top Helmet Brands in India

It gives you a sense of thrill and freedom to ride a bike. But, one has to think about safety on the road too. There is no doubt that a helmet is a vital gear for every rider on the road. Since the Indian market is loaded with helmets of all styles and types, one must be picky about a helmet. We will explore the top helmet brands in India. It includes Shoei, Arai Helmet Limited, Axor, Thh, Royal Enfield, SMK Stellar, TVS Xpod, Vega Bolt Bunny, and O2 Star Leather Unisex. Each brand has made a mark by producing statement helmets that exude fashion and a sense of pride.

Checkout Top Helmet Brands In India:

Arai Helmet Limited – A Fusion of Art and Safety:

At the helm of helmet innovation stands Arai Helmet Limited, an iconic Japanese brand renowned worldwide for its exceptional craftsmanship. Arai’s commitment to producing top-of-the-line helmets dates back to its inception in 1937. Their helmets are designed precisely, ensuring a perfect fit and outstanding protection. The brand’s emphasis on comfort, functionality, and aesthetics is evident in every helmet they create.

Shoei – Where Excellence Meets Passion:

Shoei, another prestigious Japanese brand, exemplifies the seamless blend of craftsmanship and passion for two-wheeled adventures. With over six decades of experience, Shoei has mastered the art of helmet-making. Their helmets result from relentless research, incorporating cutting-edge technology to meet the ever-evolving safety standards. Each Shoei helmet exudes a sense of purpose, serving as a faithful guardian for riders across the globe.

The – Affordable Brilliance for All:

For Indian riders seeking high-quality helmets at budget-friendly prices, Thh emerges as a shining star. Thh has managed to carve a niche in the competitive market by offering an impressive range of helmets without compromising safety and aesthetics. Helmets produced by the brand undergo rigorous tests to guarantee that they meet safety regulations. It makes the brand a top choice among people who value quality.

Royal Enfield – Empowering the Classic Rider:

When it comes to classic style blended with contemporary technology, Royal Enfield stands tall as the undisputed king. Known primarily for its iconic motorcycles, the brand has extended its prowess into crafting premium-quality helmets. Royal Enfield helmets pay homage to the brand’s timeless heritage while embracing advanced safety features. They resonate with riders who seek an authentic experience while riding on the open roads.

Axor – Where Adventure Meets Protection:

If adventure runs through your veins, Axor is the go-to brand for helmets that cater to the explorers at heart. The brand’s focus on impact resistance and ventilation ensures riders stay cool, comfortable, and secure during daring expeditions.

SMK Stellar – Redefining Style and Substance:

SMK Stellar is a brand that has rapidly gained popularity in India, capturing the hearts of riders who demand style and substance in their helmets. Combining Italian design finesse with advanced safety features, SMK Stellar helmets epitome of sophistication and protection. The brand’s helmets resonate with fashion-forward riders who refuse to compromise on safety or aesthetics.

TVS Xpod – Urban Commute, Elevated Safety:

TVS Xpod enters the arena with a specific focus on the urban commuter. The brand’s helmets are meticulously crafted to offer enhanced safety and comfort for everyday rides. With modern designs and vibrant colors, TVS Xpod helmets elevate the riding experience for city dwellers who prefer a personal flair in their safety gear.

Vega Bolt Bunny – Protecting the Young Adventurers:

Vega Bolt Bunny comes to the rescue for parents looking to ensure their young adventurers ride safely. This brand specializes in crafting helmets designed explicitly for kids. Safety is paramount, and Vega Bolt Bunny helmets provide the necessary protection while adding a playful touch that appeals to the little riders.

O2 Star Leather Unisex – Classic Meets Contemporary:

A piece of art, O2 Star Leather Unisex helmets expertly combine traditional aesthetic cues with cutting-edge safety technologies. These handcrafted genuine leather helmets add a sense of class and elegance. O2 Star helmets are not only aesthetically attractive, but they also put safety and comfort first, making them a must for motorcyclists who appreciate style and security.


The helmet companies we’ve looked at in this blog are leaders in the field, and each has an own strategy for fusing safety, comfort, and innovation. These companies, which range from the storied Shoei and Arai Helmet Limited to the brilliant Thh at an affordable price and the adventure-focused Axor, are the pinnacle of their respective markets.

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