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Kia Musk is an American celebrity teen who is popularly known as the son of Elon Musk. He is still in his teen years therefore he doesn’t have any professional career accomplishments. Kia is in the spotlight of many people because of his birth in a wealthy family. People often discuss his upbringing as a kid who was born into a family of genius entrepreneurs Elon Musk.

Kai rose to attention when he first made his presence in a German news TV show called Bild Live. He is often known by people who are curious about learning about the upbringing of a child in a wealthy family. Nonetheless, his father’s celebrity status has also been a reason for his growing fame. 


Kai Musk is a citizen of America and is of a mixed-racial family background. His father is a citizen of both South Africa and America while Kai’s mother is Canadian. Growing up Kai had a unique upbringing compared to an ordinary child. He was not educated at a conventional school as his father believes that studying in conventional schools has various limitations and is not up to the standards of today’s era. 

Thus, Elon created an experimental online school for kids aged 10 to 14 called Astra Nova. Alongside Elon’s kids, many of the SpaceX employees kid’s also attend this school. Some sources state that Kai is attending a private school in Los Angeles. Further, his father has raised him to be fully capable of handling real-life problems. Elon advises Kai and his other siblings to follow their hearts in what they find fulfilling and useful for the rest of society.  As Kai is still young and growing his current height as of 2023 is 5 feet 2 inches. With a healthy weight of 52 kg, Kai Musk has brown blistering eyes with stylish blond hair.


Kia is a 17-year-old teenager born on 1 January 2006 as one of the triplets. He was born and brought up in America by his parents. Further, Kai’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, and his other personality features are dark brown hair with blue eyes. Kia’s height is 5 feet 2 inches and he weighs around 52 kgs.  


Kai is one of the triplets and his twin siblings are Damian and Saxon Musk. Elon Musk is his father’s name while his mother is Justine Wilson. Both of his parents are well-known for their professional careers. Elon is a mega entrepreneur who owns various conglomerates such as Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, and Neuralink. All of his business is for the betterment of society. There are many more small businesses that Elon owns such as the Boring company. All these businesses make him an influential businessman as many can’t even comprehend how he runs all of these businesses at the same time. Similarly, Kai’s mother Justine Wilson is an author who wrote novels such as BloodAngel published in 2005 and Uninvited in 2007 

After 2 years of Kai’s birth, his parents got divorced. Elon and Justine met in college and went on to share a beautiful relationship which led to their marriage in 2000. However, after their marriage, various personal issues arose which led to their divorce eventually. Kai’s grandmother and grandfather are Maye Musk and Errol Musk. He also has other twin siblings named Xavier and Griffin Musk. 

While Kai’s father Elon Musk is of Pretoria, South African descent his mother Justine Musk belongs to Peterborough, Canada etc. Kai is one of the twin brothers of Griffin and Xavier the triplets who were born to Elon Musk and Justien. 

He had one more brother called Nevada Musk who sadly passed away just after 10 weeks of birth due to infant death syndrome. In his family other than his brother he also has a sister called Vivian Jenna Wilson. After his father Elon married Grimes he had half-siblings called Exa Dark Sidereal and X Æ A-Xii.


At the age of five Kai started playing piano and has become a decent pianist. He also shows interest in reading books and is an avid reader. Science, history, and technology are some of his favorite topics on which he reads books. Kai Musk still is a teenager and hasn’t entered the professional world yet. 

Therefore, he does not have experience in any field of work. He is said to have been interested in science and technology. Further, he has also shown interest in his father’s profession. Looking at his family background he is a kid with bright futures and can explore passions that seem fulfilling to him. However, he is still a student as of 2023. 

Net Worth 

Since Kai is still a teen he does not have any net worth as he hasn’t worked in any profession to earn money. He is currently taken care of by his family and definitely reaps the benefits of their wealth. Kai’s father is one of the richest men on earth with an estimated net worth of $236 billion US dollars. Due to his father’s net worth, Kai gets to live a fulfilling life with all the living needs taken care of by his father Elon Musk. Kai’s mother Justine is also wealthy with an estimated net worth of $2 million.


Kai’s personal life is private as he does not share any details on social media. According to some sources he is single and has not had any affairs in the past. 


  • Kai Alexander Musk is the complete name of Kai Musk. 
  • Kai’s middle name Alxendra in Kai Musk’s is in honor of his grandfather Who was a successful business name called Alxeldra Musk.  
  • He is of Canadian and American ethnicity. 
  • Kai can speak English and French fluently. 
  • He is a kind kid who has a helping nature. 
  • Kai’s father is from South Africa while his mother is from Canada. Elon moved to Canada as a teenager.

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