Best Mattress Brands In India

You must have a good night’s rest to get a proper kick start. A bad mattress can make you turn sideways on the bed, even when you want to sleep. If you struggle similarly, it’s time to change your mattress. Buying a mattress is a big decision for everyone. The quality of the mattress will directly affect your sleep. Buying a mattress that gives you good sleep throughout the night without disturbing your posture is important.

So check out the Top and Best Mattress Brands in India:

Sleepwell Latex Plus

Sleepwell Latex Plus will offer you a new range of luxury and comfort with unique features. The natural latex material in the mattress will give you a smoother and soft feel.

It reduces the pressure Point so that you can sleep peacefully. The premium quality is also durable, and it comes with Health Fresh Technology that keeps away bacteria and other elements. Always remember to choose the right size to experience peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Sunday Ortho Plus 

Sunday Ortho Plus is the first mattress on the list, which has amazing features and benefits. The combination of latex seems to be great for Indians with the comfort of Memory foam, which makes it the perfect bed you are searching for.

It also has a lga certificate, and the cover consists of organic cotton. The brand offers a trial of 100 days before you buy it. The mattress also comes with a warranty of 10 years. It will cost 25k for king size bed, and it comes in 8-inch models only.


The brand offers you a comfortable option in a competitive range. The high Residency foam material will offer your body the perfect resting mode. It has natural and organic material free from toxins. It’s a perfect piece for almost all types of sleepers. It also comes with a free trial of 100 days so you can feel satisfied with your requirements. The 6-in mattress is quite an affordable option available at a price of less than 10k.

Some of the mattresses also have a combination of three different layers, including memory foam. It has medium firmness and can offer you a warranty of 10 years.

Sleepyhead memory foam mattress

The super comfortable and soft mattress comes along with several benefits. The high-quality fabric of the mattress makes it extremely breathable. It has a good density of foam that adds up to the level of comfort. It also comes with an outer cover that can get washed and used. It is another 6-inch mattress that is available at the price range of Rs 10k.

Emma Ortho mattress 

If you are searching for a mattress that can offer you the right level of comfort and is within your range, you can go for the Emma mattress. It was designed to offer your leave from your back pain. It also offers peaceful sleep when your partner has a habit of moving sideways.

It’s also available in various sizes to choose the right one for your needs.

 Sleepycat mattresses

The mattress uses advanced gel memory foam technology that offers the right comfort level while sleeping. It also comes with several features. The mattress is much useful for people who complain about regular pain.

The best thing about the mattresses is that they are easy to carry. You can get a free trial of 30 days before buying it. It also comes in a range of 10k and has a thickness of 6 inches.

 Organica mattress

The name organic means that the mattress is 100% organic. It gets introduced by the brand Pep. It will offer amazing beneficial features. It consists of bio cotton, completely free from chemicals. It also comes with Belgian Eco latex for extra comfort. It also has a hypoallergenic feature so you can sleep comfortably, irrespective of the climatic conditions prevailing outside.

It comes in three different sizes so that you can choose the one you need for your bedroom. The mattress has a nice range of rupees 20k to 25k.

The sleep company 

The Smartgrid mattress from the sleep company is a great addition for anyone seeking a great experience. The best mattress in India has a hyper-elastic polymer, which makes it ideal for you. It has a fusion of Technology and luxury. It also has a viscose cotton cover, which prevents skin irritation and rashes, improving the ventilation of the mattress.

 Kurl-on mattress

Kurl-on mattresses are lighter and keep your bed bugs away. It has lightweight features and becomes easy to carry from one place to another. The hard foam composition of the mattress makes it ideal for orthopedic people. It has a strong base foam with increased density foam, making it last longer. It will keep your body cool and is perfect for the Indian climate.

So the above options are best if you want a good night’s sleep in your budget.

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