JIT Portal: Understanding The Utilization & Login Process

A country’s fundamental caretakers are its farmers who have made it possible for you to have your next meal! Considering deploying efficient techniques to upstep these farmers’ growth is crucial. With being a foundation of the country, farmers are key contributors to the country’s growth in both economic and citizen health terms.  

Understanding the vitality of farmers’ growth you would be fascinated to know about JIT Portal. Just In Time (JIT) is one major step towards the upliftment of farmers’ working environment in matters of payments. JIT allows farmers to work efficiently and more conveniently by equipping them with modern payment methods. 

Any farmer under the MSP scheme given to support farmers can claim the benefits the JIT portal offers. It is mainly intended to facilitate better payment methods for farmers who harvest grains. Once you know its significance you too will be able to grasp how JIT portals utilization impacts a farmer’s growth. 

So, let’s instantly delve into a comprehensive discussion on JIT Portal, to know it better: 

Grasping the Fundamental Use Of JIT Portal

JIT stands for Just In Time, its portal allows farmers to access payment status quicker than before. The fundamental use of the JIT portal is to equip farmers with significant payment options to track multiple operations status. With its use, you can get information about the payment of grains sold to institutes or other included parties effortlessly. 

Every transaction that happens in your linked bank account related to farming will be actively recorded on JIT. Having transactions recorded at one particular platform for almost every sale results in the convenience of maintaining your bank account as well as the sale of crops. 

In general terms, JIT is an e-payments platform curated specifically for farmers to have a bunch of handy advantages in their work.  

How You Can Access JIT Portal? 

Accessing JIT Portal is only possible with a farmer ID which almost every farmer has. Using your farmer ID you can log in by visiting the official website of the JIT portal. Since the JIT portal is online you can access it with your browser at your convenience. 

The initial step to accessing the JIT government-provided platform is to visit their website. After that, there are several steps that you have to follow to use the JIT portal such as:

  • Visit the homepage of www.  
  • Once that is done click on the drop-down menu available in the top right corner of the website
  • In the dropdown menu, you will find the “JIT Login” option, click on it
  • A new page will open for you to enter details
  • Provide the name and password of your farmer ID account
  • Once details are filled enter numbers shown in a small image to verify yourself
  • Now click on the login option which will eventually take you to your account

After logging into your account you can access almost every service that the JIT portal has to offer.  From checking payments for farmers to labour charges, unloading, loading, handling, warehouse and transportation can be checked through the portal with ease. 

Advantages Of JIT Portal

JIT Portal is time efficient with payments under the MSP scheme made remarkably better for farmers. Undoubtedly, there are a handful of benefits that the JIT portal equips the farmers with some of the advantages include:

  • Recover Account

If you even lost the password to your JIT account you can simply follow a few steps to recover the account. A few steps that you have to follow are:

  • Visit the login page of the JIT website
  • Find and click on forgot password on the page
  • The recovery page will open, enter your username and mobile number
  • Once that is done a PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number through its use you can change your password 
  • Faster Access To Variety Of Payment Status

On JIT you can either check payments from your farmer code or with a bank account number! Each option is efficient in checking payment status under the MSP scheme for multiple farming processes. A handful of payment statuses for a variety of tasks can be checked seamlessly such as: 

  • Labour Charges 
  • Farmer Payment
  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Transporting
  • Warehouse


The better the farmer is the better they grow their crops which turns into food for every citizen thus impacting the health of the country as well. The JIT government takes care of farmers under the MSP scheme to support their living and allow them to grow crops and earn even in the loss of crops. 

Eventually supporting and making a farmer’s livelihood better for them to work contentedly and grow essential grain crops. The seamless e-payment status for a plethora of tasks can be checked through JIT which makes the overall tracking of payment simple for a farmer. 

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