Top 10 Best Places To Visit In California On Your Trip

Exploring new places is always a fun task. It opens your mind to the vastness of the world! The same is with exploring the 10 best places to visit in California on your trip. The trip to California will broaden your mind and will make you wonder about the beauty of this world.

But before you have that experience you have to go through the challenging task of finding the places to visit. There are a lot of places California has for its tourists to visit. Thus deciding which ones to visit on your short trip can become challenging. 

Keeping in mind you don’t miss out on the best ones, we have created this list of the top 10 best places to visit in California. 

So without further ado let’s get straight to the topic:

For many film enthusiasts, this park would be one of the top 10 best places to visit in California. This theme park is truly a wonder as it offers various rides, movie sets from top movies, and 4d screenings that you can really enjoy with all your friends and family. 

You can take a guided tour there to ensure you get the peak experience and enjoy it to the fullest. Further, there are many movies featured in this park such as Jurrasic Park, Harry Potter, Kung Fu Panda, Despicable Me etc.

  • Lake Tahoe

An alpine lake situated in Nevada Lake Tahoe is a blue water lake with a scenic view of nature. By visiting Lake Tahoe you would get to witness a perfect view of the forest, mountain, and lake combined. It’s a great place to visit for refreshing your mind and disconnecting from the world for a while. 

You can have the time of your life by doing some of the fun activities there like hiking, swimming, lazing around the shore, boating, and BBQ, etc. There are historical towns nearby that you can visit for some great social interactions.  

  • Big Sur

Big Sur is a coastline area at the edge of the pacific ocean. This place offers you a great hiking experience with a great opportunity to explore some untouched beaches. Visitors often get into a trance-like state after getting to capture the magnificence of Big Sur. 

  • Death Valley

Located in the driest yet lowest heated place death valley gets its name from its harsh environment. Death Valley beholds one of the best landscapes with huge sand dunes, mountains covered in snow, and spectacular scenery that you can enjoy. 

You can go there to explore the diverse desert landscape with amazing palaces like ruins of a ghost town, Soctty’s castle, and much more. 

  • Napa Valley

Visit California as a couple? If Yes! Then make sure to visit Napa Valley known for the world’s finest wine. There are multiple hotels and fine dine locations where you can spend pleasent time. 

  • Golden Gate Bridge

Looking for some places closest to the seven wonders of the world? Well, Golden Bridge might be the place you need to visit as it is one of the peaks of human creation. This bridge is one mile wide and is built on the pacific ocean. 

What makes it unique is that it’s a suspension bridge! Going to visit the bridge you might want to go at the time of sunset as it unleashes the beauty of the palace and gives you the best experiences ever. 

  • Santa Cruz

Visiting California you must want to have some of the best local experiences. So to ensure that you visit Santa Cruz. In Santa Cruz, you can visit multiple beaches, museums, and shopping places to make your trip feel complete. There are plenty of things there that will guarantee you will never run out of things to do in Santa Cruz. 

  • Malibu 

Explore the fabulous sand stretches on beaches in Malibu. Anyone looking to surf or enjoy a great meal with an amazing view can consider visiting Malibu. You can also visit Getty Villa to see antiquities from ancient Roman, Greek and Etruscan.

  • Disneyland

Disneyland land definitely has to be one of the top 10 best places to visit in California. Disneyland resorts are great destinations as there are Disney themed amusement parks which offer phenomenal experience for a person of any age group. 

  • Sequoia National Park

Home to world’s largest trees crossing the height of 100 feet sequoia national park can be an eye-opening visit for you. Up till the day of the visit, many of you will think that 100 feet tall trees are not real; since they are only shown in fiction films. 

However, this thought will change as soon as you enter Sequoia National Park. You better get some binoculars to see the peak of the trees. You might need one because these trees actually exist. So, do visit this place once in your life to actually capture the beauty of the world.

Wrap Up

Golden State California has always been a popular tourist attraction for people around the world! You will get to explore places such as beaches facing the pacific ocean, forests with amazing trees, national parks, and much more. Now that you know about the top 10 best places to visit in California, you can easily pklan your trip.

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